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Hello and welcome to Union Fillmore Dental, a Holistic Dental practice. Our holistic approach means that we take into consideration Oral-Systemic connection and how what we do as oral health professionals affects not only your mouth, but your overall wellness.

Dr. Marianna Rexan is a dedicated family and cosmetic holistic dentist. She will help you to achieve the level of oral health that you desire as well as make your smile look as fabulous as you wish it to be.

The goal of a Holistic (Biologic) Dentist is to be as conservative as possible when it comes to preserving tooth structure and thus increasing the life span of your teeth. In this regard, she recommends mercury- free fillings ( or bondings) as well as ceramic inlays and onlays as opposed to crowns. Invisalign is another way of improving your smile and function in a minimally invasive way. She's been Invisalign certified since 2006. Dr. Marianna continues on her journey into Integrative (Biologic) approach.

Our team is highly trained and will take time to listen to your concerns, and make sure that your experience will be relaxing and comfortable. We provide noise reduction headphones, special hi-tech bite support (Isolite), and we use essential oils for relaxation and mood-lifting effects.

We can provide high standard of care with minimally invasive procedures and use innovative technology to benefit your overall health and wellness.

Digital X-rays to drastically reduce radiation, or even eliminate it altogether ( with CariVu);

Velscope- for advaned oral cancer screening and prevention;

Diagnodent- for precise diagnosis and to make sure we don't treat aggressively;

Laser - to manage periodontal disease on a new level and treat cold sores and canker sores without use of chemicals.

We will be delighted to meeting you in person, earning your trust, and addressing any dental needs or concerns that you might have, be that just teeth whitening, cleanings and fillings or smile design. Whatever it is, we will make sure it's Dentistry Nature's Way.

We hope to see you soon!