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  • Marianna Rexan

What to expect on your New Patient Dental Appointment?

What to expect on your New Patient Dental Appointment?

We are very excited to meet you!

At your New Patient Appointment we would like to find out all the necessary information that will allow us to take the best possible care of your oral health, head and neck areas.

First Dr. Marianna Rexan will discuss your medical and dental histories. We will take necessary x-rays. Then she will examine your head, neck and soft tissues of your mouth for any lumps, bumps or white specks, which constitutes the Oral Cancer Screening. She will check the muscles of your head and neck for any soreness, TMJ for any abnormalities. She will examine your teeth for cavities, signs of acid erosion or grinding and clenching. She will assess and measure the pocket depths and health of your bone and gums. She will also look at the way your teeth come together- your bite.

At this appointment we can screen your teeth for any hidden cracks and abnormalities with our new Illumination non-radiation technology called Carivu.

Finally we will take photos of your teeth with an Intraoral Camera and will give you the “Tour of your Mouth”.

Also at this appointment we will determine what kind of cleaning is appropriate for you.

This will conclude our Check Up or Comprehensive Exam.

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